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What you are about to discover inside our Buying Guide is a surprisingly easy way to learn everything you need about the amazing eco-friendly gemstone called moissanite. People might think that moissanite is a diamond stimulant, but that is not true. Instead, moissanite is a diamond alternative with beauty, allure, and a category of its own.

If you want to learn more, please go over the pages of our guide, and soon you will know how to make informative decisions concerning your moissanite jewelry. Now, if you are new to lab-grown gemstones, we suggest you start at the beginning of this guide to learn about the out-of-this-world origins of our gems. You will also learn about the 7Cs of IceMoissanite℠ – and discover the secrets this dazzling gemstone has to offer.

Our Buying Guide will help you learn about our gemstones and the custom design process preferred by moissanite enthusiasts. Once you finish reading our guide, you will probably want to take the next step and experience moissanite firsthand. But, of course, you will want to complete the design and production process hassle-free and within your budget, and you may even want to see the jewelry before it is even produced. Our concierge team here at BuyMoissanite will solve any questions you may have and help you design timeless jewelry.

Our Custom Design Service is the easiest and quickest way to bring your vision to life! Forget what you have heard about the costly and lengthy custom jewelry design processes. When you use our service, you will receive a photorealistic 3D rendering of your ring for approval within ten business days. Upon approval, your ring will be ready to be shipped through one of our vendors within 3-5 weeks, no matter where you reside.


As Simple as One-Two-Three


Our Concierge Team offers tailor-made guidance in bringing your vision, needs, and requirements to life. We can design any setting you can dream of. We can also fuse various design elements into one single ring. Our one-on-one approach will take you through every step of the design process without adding extra time or cost.


As soon as we have a good idea of your specifications, we will take all of your inspirations and requirements and bring them to life. Then, we precisely design your ring into a 3D CAD model and send you a photorealistic digital rendering of all of its angles for your prior approval. We always ensure that you are 100% satisfied before moving on to the production process.


Once you approve the design and decide to make your final purchase, we will send you an invoice detailing your complete order. We will also connect you with one of our vendors. You can pay online for your ring through several payment methods such as PayPal, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards. Following your final payment, your 3D concept will turn into reality.



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EcoMoissanite goes above and beyond to ensure its customers are delighted with every piece of jewelry and gemstones they deliver. They do not consider their gemstones to be diamond alternatives since natural diamonds are usually associated with high costs, conflict funding, and environmental harm. For this reason, they believe that everyone deserves to own their premium products at an affordable price.

MossaniteBay is the European branch of EcoMoissanite and the first online moissanite jewelry store in Europe. They use impeccable skillfulness and personal care when creating your jewelry. From superior quality in craftsmanship to exceptional customer service, the jewelry and gemstones they deliver offer guaranteed value.

IceMoissanite is committed to providing high-quality gemstones while redefining and setting new industry standards. They only offer purely DEF colorless gems, fancy moissanite colors, and unique cuts and shapes while meeting the growing demand for gorgeous yet affordable gemstones. In addition, they offer beautiful and premium quality gemstones that stay ahead of the trends.